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  • Submitted by cookiecrisp on Nov 13, 12 at 10:47am

    I'll take "shit you take to your grave for $500, Alex"

  • Submitted by mgelllis79 on Nov 13, 12 at 10:37am

    That's fuckin weird bro. Also if a bugle fits on your penis that's pretty sad.

  • Submitted by porksword on Nov 13, 12 at 12:28pm

    "You're Hairy, wizard"

  • Submitted by WhiskerBiscuit on Nov 13, 12 at 12:24pm

    And for my next trick...funyun ring toss.

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    Submitted by bombsquad907 on Nov 13, 12 at 1:43pm

    I hope you did this as a very young child and not as a fully grown man...

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    Submitted by aawwsshheett on Nov 13, 12 at 10:57am

    Waste of a bugle if you ask me.

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      Submitted by gangbangstyle on Nov 13, 12 at 4:31pm

      he nvr said he didn't finish it after

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    Submitted by grenade on Nov 13, 12 at 2:08pm

    So you're saying you have a small penis

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    Submitted by the88thpianoman on Nov 13, 12 at 11:00am

    "used to"

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    Submitted by mkmcgill on Nov 14, 12 at 10:45am

    Awkward question, but...did you eat them afterward?

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    Submitted by SaducarGeneral on Nov 14, 12 at 1:48am

    Or that he plays with his food, you can put a bugle on your head; your head doesn't fit inside, but you can put it on your head. A very teeny wizards cap for you too.

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    Submitted by eighte3 on Nov 13, 12 at 12:08pm

    Bugles have pretty small openings........ He pretty much just admitted his penis is small

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      Submitted by redbaron2014 on Nov 13, 12 at 12:20pm

      Yes I think we all figured that out. Thanks champ

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    Submitted by W_T_F on Nov 13, 12 at 5:58pm

    I don't know how a bugle would fit, but I used to put a tuba on my dick and get the geeky band girls to toot my horn

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    Submitted by breezy12345 on Dec 8, 13 at 11:31pm