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  • Sometimes referred to as No Shave November, men do not shave for the month in hopes of raising money for I think testicular cancer. Second best month of the year because beards and mustaches are awesome. The best month is October which is why this text is really great.

    Submitted by Kamster on Nov 3, 12 at 12:58am
  • First Movember then Decembeard, c'mon hipsters raise that ca$h for prostates!

    Submitted by Muffinx12 on Nov 2, 12 at 11:42pm
  • The absurdity of this message leads to the only conclusion possible; AWESOMENESS!

    Submitted by Liquidgenius on Nov 2, 12 at 11:44pm
  • Huh?

    Submitted by Jughead on Nov 2, 12 at 11:22pm