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    Submitted by Madcritter on Oct 12, 12 at 1:35pm

    HEY! i didn't expect them to high five after I came so loud either!

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    Submitted by badmotherfuker86 on Oct 12, 12 at 2:02pm


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    Submitted by Babygirlxoxo on Oct 12, 12 at 8:01pm

    I doubt it, obviously you never been to KCMO, im currently stuck in this hell hole where everyone looks like a victim of incest.

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Oct 13, 12 at 1:09am

    Exactly how does ones family life and sex life overlap? What's an example? Like if you're a girl, are you giving your bf head and then you invite your mom in to watch and give her pointers so she can do a better job on your dad?? I don't get where the cross over happens?