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  • Submitted by Deadwhale on Sep 18, 12 at 3:09pm

    New classy!

  • Submitted by G2LMG2D on Sep 18, 12 at 3:30pm

    Shes got class all over!

  • Submitted by Pronfairy on Sep 18, 12 at 3:47pm

    She's definitely classy.

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    Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Sep 18, 12 at 11:17pm

    The real question is...why does she have your address?

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      Submitted by jhoffa on Sep 19, 12 at 4:34pm

      So she can send him a court ordered paternity test, oh yeah the virgin you thought you banged, already had three kids. Goodluck cupcake

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    Submitted by wubbazugg on Sep 18, 12 at 9:29pm

    I feel OP is female..

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    Submitted by gunsnammo on Sep 18, 12 at 10:49pm

    Guys can be virgins too. Just sayin'

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    Submitted by MLOVES_T_F_L_N on Sep 18, 12 at 9:40pm

    Lmao.. Definitely the new classy

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    Submitted by lilskaterbabe17 on Sep 20, 12 at 5:15pm

    hahaha omg the same shit happened to me

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    Submitted by RDR_Dan on Sep 24, 12 at 8:44am

    @DonkeyLipps I like how you say this is definitely not classy, then you say she should have sent naked pics instead xD...

  • Submitted by olderthanyou on Sep 18, 12 at 3:35pm

    That is the new stage 5 clinger alert!

  • Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Sep 18, 12 at 5:48pm

    Classy? Definitely not. Weird? Very much so. If she wanted to thank him by sending him something it should have been some naked pictures. Now that's a proper thank you for a proper cherry poppin!

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      Submitted by lol_wat on Sep 18, 12 at 10:57pm

      or her panties...