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  • My dude did this sober for two hours after I explained what was. He found Amish porn, of the written kind, not the visual. I was subjected to trying to take a bubble bath with him reading it aloud and laughing.

    Submitted by didactic on Sep 16, 12 at 7:48am
  • The Amish party harder than you ever will. Don't believe me, work ten hours in the field and then try to party all night like these folks do!

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Sep 15, 12 at 7:36pm
  • I doubt he actually looked at Amish history. He probably just stumbled upon a bunch of old Anglefire pages and got really confused.

    Submitted by Croooooooooow on Sep 16, 12 at 1:58am
  • Rumspringa!

    Submitted by jas1994 on Sep 15, 12 at 6:30pm
  • ..................continue...

    Submitted by plygtr85 on Sep 15, 12 at 6:10pm
  • Probably was watching that new tlc show first

    Submitted by xxpinkxx on Sep 16, 12 at 4:30am
  • Probably more like five minutes.

    Submitted by Sweet_T11 on Sep 15, 12 at 6:27pm
  • Google "Amish puppy mills" that will open your eyes big time.

    Submitted by somebody_020202 on Sep 15, 12 at 11:16pm
  • Why do you all assume this is a dude?

    Submitted by haylieee on Feb 26, 13 at 4:05am
  • everytime they video tape them for tv is it me or do they have all have herps

    Submitted by karate1974 on May 8, 13 at 10:44pm