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    Submitted by rikie83 on Sep 13, 12 at 10:33am

    Maybe you can pick up some crabs for lunch.

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    Submitted by D_Rock__ on Sep 13, 12 at 10:59am

    The place of employment is probably a strip club. That would explain why the OP wanted to reevaluate her career plans.

    • 58 50
      Submitted by whoudini on Sep 13, 12 at 2:59pm

      with a lunchroom?

  • 59 43
    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Sep 13, 12 at 6:56pm

    You work for a porn studio?

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    Submitted by Beachbum111 on Sep 13, 12 at 1:35pm

    Love this post! Actually seen a free aids testing van in the bat district here in FL last weekend. They come to you great!