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  • Submitted by onlygayeskimo on Aug 28, 12 at 4:23pm

    It takes a well adjusted man to wear heels. Especially if they're stilettos.

  • Submitted by WesPip on Aug 28, 12 at 5:00pm

    I think you mean it takes a well balanced man. *rimshot*

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Aug 28, 12 at 6:47pm

    Sad thing is most drag queens know how to wear heals better than most women. You are supposed to have your weight on the heels and not your toes.

    • Submitted by satanslilhelper on Aug 28, 12 at 7:07pm

      the voice of experience speaketh?

      • Submitted by cfreymarc on Aug 28, 12 at 8:46pm

        Hell yeah! Straight guys make the best drag queens!

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          Submitted by DerKarismatisch on Oct 10, 12 at 11:02pm

          Most drag queens are straight guys, actually... Statistics are your friend.

  • Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Aug 28, 12 at 10:56pm

    More woman than you'll ever be, and more man than you'll ever have. Deal.

  • Submitted by polacke on Aug 29, 12 at 5:22am

    Stay classy {insert area name}, still not as g@y as twilight, better ending than mass effect, first, eightyeight, op is a dude.

    • Submitted by gabraham on Aug 29, 12 at 1:33pm

      double trifecta troll over here ^^ you forgot yolo in there somewhere

  • Submitted by spyderqueen on Aug 29, 12 at 3:22am

    Whatever, guys can be SO hot in heels and/or makeup.

    • Submitted by Kevin201 on Aug 29, 12 at 12:58pm

      that's fucking disgusting

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    Submitted by 478 on Jan 7, 13 at 10:30pm