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    Submitted by Panicsdisaster on Aug 16, 12 at 11:30pm

    Next thing you know this summer will be your life.

  • Submitted by Mordred47 on Aug 16, 12 at 9:07am

    Fuck this shit im goin home

  • Submitted by glider on Aug 16, 12 at 9:55am

    Shit always comes at the wrong time

  • Submitted by grandmasboy on Aug 16, 12 at 7:08pm

    Just wait til you get to the "I'm too old for this shit" part of you life. It's like all that at once

  • Submitted by W_T_F on Aug 16, 12 at 1:16pm

    Sounds like a shitty summer

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    Submitted by kalto21 on Aug 16, 12 at 10:52am

    Ugh, AMEN

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    Submitted by boogerbutt on Aug 16, 12 at 12:06pm


    • Submitted by GA_Peach on Aug 17, 12 at 10:45am

      Moooooduhduheerrriiiaaachiiiooon...nope never heard of it.

  • Submitted by airfucknborne on Aug 16, 12 at 1:08pm

    just pick drunk all the time.