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  • just don't pee in the really ties the room together

    Submitted by DemonicDuck on Aug 13, 12 at 1:14pm
  • Hmm sounds like a few of my Butte friends. And just because it has to be said due to olderthanyou, GO CATS!

    Submitted by sk8tergater on Aug 14, 12 at 10:00pm
  • He should smack your nose with a rolled up newspaper if you're going to act like a bitch.

    Submitted by girlsRbumd on Aug 13, 12 at 6:52pm
  • What are you, 8? You need gifts to satisfy your anger? Grow up.

    Submitted by tedirvine on Aug 13, 12 at 11:07am
  • I guess your dog learned to text and was upset you did not take them to Charlie Bs. If this is your girlfriend then I suggest that you put her out in the yard until she learns her lesson while you pick up a new one at Charlie Bs. Go Griz!!!

    Submitted by olderthanyou on Aug 13, 12 at 1:32pm
    • This text makes absolute sense if the dog learned to text

      Submitted by ralphmacio on Aug 13, 12 at 2:03pm
  • I almost did this to an ex :) would have been sin amazingly fun, and hilarious.. Thought surely not for him.

    Submitted by pearpipes123 on Aug 15, 12 at 3:08pm
  • Ah, this was really funny to me.

    Submitted by kippipie on Aug 14, 12 at 3:35pm