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  • Submitted by Panicsdisaster on Aug 11, 12 at 3:21pm

    This guy? You have a gift because you suck a lot of random dick. Keep out classy San Diego.

  • Submitted by SpartanSaint on Aug 11, 12 at 2:45pm

    it was my birthday in may... I'm not sayin but I'm just sayin, know what what I'm sayin?

  • Submitted by cheeseysammich on Aug 13, 12 at 8:12am

    tspencer- asl?

  • Submitted by tspencer227 on Aug 12, 12 at 10:33am

    Look at me: pro.

  • Submitted by DemonicDuck on Aug 12, 12 at 11:06pm

    Never keep gifts to yourself share them with as many people as possible

  • Submitted by tc_24_7 on Aug 11, 12 at 5:24pm

    You know what they say bout punching your gift horse in the mouth.

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    Submitted by mizzcharmz on Sep 1, 12 at 10:40am

    Probably stopped u cuz he didn't want to finish to quick, just saying

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    Submitted by xxpinkxx on Aug 26, 12 at 3:02pm

    spartansaint. Fuck.That's the most annoying thing I've read in a long while.