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  • Blake Shelton could make a lot of soup with that big of a turtle!

    Submitted by bowfishinlady on Aug 1, 12 at 12:24pm
  • Wtf is a street turtle?

    Submitted by dhooks111490 on Aug 1, 12 at 1:21pm
    • Well lets break it down. Street turtle: street, public road anywhere in the world that various vehicles traverse. A turtle, cute and often easily startled cold blooded animal with protective. So, it's a fucking turtle that's in the street. Common near large bodies of water that have an advanced eco system.

      Submitted by GA_Peach on Aug 1, 12 at 3:55pm
  • Donatello?

    Submitted by boogerbutt on Aug 1, 12 at 1:14pm
  • Definitely Raph. He always struck me as the type to get drunk and attempt suicide.

    Submitted by wubbazugg on Aug 2, 12 at 12:05am
  • Challenge accepted

    Submitted by 4evereo on Aug 3, 12 at 12:44am