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  • Submitted by joe_jr_shabadoo on Jul 26, 12 at 8:11pm

    He noticed the smell of judgment when you opened the door. He figured you'd arrived.

  • Submitted by Croooooooooow on Jul 27, 12 at 2:35am

    Ah, the classic Grimm fairy tale of Hansel and Grey Goose.

  • Submitted by Pckergirl on Jul 26, 12 at 4:57pm

    Hahaha I know exactly who this is...poor little fella

  • Submitted by Oh_God_I_did_wha on Jul 26, 12 at 9:52pm

    Oh Madison, how I miss thee..

  • Submitted by plygtr85 on Jul 28, 12 at 1:29am

    yes son...I'm home. from your girlfriends house!

  • Submitted by sagus on Jul 26, 12 at 5:34pm

    I can think of a few people this could be