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  • Submitted by HailCaeser on Jun 10, 12 at 1:25am

    So what, you had an ice cream bar.

  • Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Jun 10, 12 at 12:37am

    I'm guessing the OP is a girl that sent the pic to another girl to show off that she was proud cuz whoever she banged was packin'! Since apparently guys with decent to big dicks are in rare supply.

    • Submitted by Thatzwhatshesaid on Jun 10, 12 at 7:41am

      You should risky change your username to Captain Obvious!

  • Submitted by GentlemanInBlack on Jun 9, 12 at 6:06pm

    It's a good day to be bigger than life.

  • Submitted by JTLovecraft on Jun 10, 12 at 2:49am

    Yeah, I need Magnums too.

  • Submitted by GA_Peach on Jun 9, 12 at 3:00pm

    Good job, you can buy condoms.

  • Submitted by blahshutup on Jun 22, 12 at 9:19am

    Never liked magnums. Too tight.