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  • Submitted by josielee2012 on Mar 31, 12 at 4:36pm

    Actually laughed at this one. :)

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Apr 1, 12 at 7:28am

    How well do Pomeranians do dog fighting?

  • Submitted by mobprincess on Mar 31, 12 at 3:06pm

    Sell em, act like you don't know her...and keep it moving!

  • Submitted by wubbazugg on Apr 1, 12 at 1:11am

    I'd rather be in jail than deal with two furry footballs.

  • Submitted by niceman on Mar 31, 12 at 7:16pm

    Those poor poms are probably better off without that bitch

  • Submitted by Indestructible on Apr 1, 12 at 12:39am

    NOVA represent!

  • Submitted by sleete on Apr 13, 12 at 5:49pm

    poms will probably get you laid though

  • Submitted by chailatte1 on Mar 31, 12 at 6:12pm

    Considered correcting grammatical errors... Realized there were too many.