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  • Submitted by Pokeysaurus on Mar 31, 12 at 4:24pm

    Moral of the story: don't let her lean that far back if she's riding you.

  • Submitted by pureboredom on Mar 31, 12 at 1:49pm

    You have my condolences.. :(

  • Submitted by wubbazugg on Apr 1, 12 at 1:24am

    For any naysayers, it is entirely possible to rupture the penis. Not exactly a *break*, but definitely bending it too far will strain it to that point.

  • Submitted by haynay23 on Mar 31, 12 at 12:14pm

    One of the most honest confess about oneself but I kinda relate to this text. Sometimes I wish that's the only way I can feel something... Sorry for your loss :(

  • Submitted by mattmac91 on Mar 31, 12 at 11:03am

    She must be wild in the sheets where can I find her?