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  • That was lick her, not liquor.

    Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Mar 13, 12 at 4:16pm
  • In b4 santorum.

    Submitted by neplusmoi on Mar 14, 12 at 3:10am
  • I like shots better at room temped then chilled. Anyone else?

    Submitted by ReesesPoofs on Mar 13, 12 at 5:31pm
    • indeed I drink muh booze room temp unless its summer then ill serve chilled

      Submitted by nunubeest on Mar 13, 12 at 7:01pm
  • That Luke warm shot out of the dolls ass, yeah about that...

    Submitted by hogfish on Mar 13, 12 at 9:27pm
  • This is too descriptive to be real. The person who sent the picture doesn't need to know what THEY sent in the picture. :O False BROvado! False.

    Submitted by RawDoggingYurMom on Mar 13, 12 at 10:15pm
  • Nowhere in that post did it say the photo was sent by the same person that was taking said latex anus shot.

    Submitted by stranger on Mar 14, 12 at 11:35am
  • Luke warm, yes. Liquor... Not so much...

    Submitted by ralphmacio on Mar 13, 12 at 5:08pm