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  • nothing g@y about ass play between a man and a woman. You've clearly never had your prostate stimulated. Welcome to 2012 get over your homosexual phobias and grow up.

    Submitted by DemonicDuck on Feb 24, 12 at 12:57pm
    • amen! there really is no effing way to be homophobic about it.

      Submitted by polacke on Feb 25, 12 at 4:58am
  • Womanly support? Like he needs 5 or 6 women to stand in the corner clapping and cheering WHILE he takes it up the butt?...

    Submitted by mthib on Feb 24, 12 at 11:10am
  • I think men can like anal stimulation without liking men... It's too bad they have to feel closeted about it.

    Submitted by unclestuffy on Feb 24, 12 at 11:47am
    • Ass play is different from g@y sex, to each their own. Personally I like sex with women dressed like sports team mascots on a trampoline while midgets dance around in a circle throwing gherkin pickles at us while Wayne Newton plays in the background.

      Submitted by porksword on Feb 24, 12 at 11:58am
    • "Did I say 2? Better make it 3."

      Submitted by keto06 on Feb 24, 12 at 12:12pm
  • Nothing like a female with a strapon. Lol

    Submitted by pdfort37 on Feb 24, 12 at 5:36pm
  • Get a strap on

    Submitted by mama_tried on Feb 24, 12 at 6:48pm
  • Whether or not the guy in this text actually is g@y or not doesn't matter when all you argue about is whether or not it's f@ggy to like prostate stimulation. All I can say is... Men who knock it are missing out HUGE. Makes me wish I was a man. Drove one of my boyfriends wild.

    Submitted by DaxxButtons on Feb 27, 12 at 9:56am
  • "Womanly support"? From what, a bra? He actually likes men, he's just in the closet.

    Submitted by PrivateIdaho on Feb 24, 12 at 11:01am
    • if he openly shows he likes it in the butt he has trampled all over that closet door

      Submitted by yumyum05 on Feb 24, 12 at 11:36am
  • gotta love tacoma

    Submitted by rhyno49 on Feb 24, 12 at 11:36am