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  • sounds like he is describing my bjs

    Submitted by sweetHOMEalabama on Feb 5, 12 at 10:26am
  • I'll go ahead and get the inevitable started: slut.

    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Feb 5, 12 at 10:36am
  • Shut the hell up about it being cheating you pussies.

    Submitted by IcanFly69 on Feb 5, 12 at 6:59pm
  • Hey asshole, it is cheating. And if YOU were a decent human being u would have enough honor as a male nit to fuck with some other guys love. Kill yourself and clear the gene pool you honorless nothing.

    Submitted by secondtrip on Feb 5, 12 at 1:18pm
    • You need to chill, it is not the GUY's fault here. He is just trying to get off, if this girl was really in love she would keep her mouth shut for any other guy!

      Submitted by angiepangie1908 on Feb 5, 12 at 5:03pm
  • every single person on here is going to say "oh ma gawd lolz he is SO talking about my bj's hehe" when legitimately, why does it matter if he is or not? you are not going to meet any of these people and prove them right or wrong. so why even bother? you sound SO stupid

    Submitted by NickelbackSux8D on Feb 5, 12 at 11:36am
  • If those are miracles then my girlfriends jesus.

    Submitted by joe_the_g on Feb 5, 12 at 11:05am
  • And that's why open relationships and communicating boundaries is a good thing. So many times that has happened to me.

    Submitted by thesexyjedi on Nov 30, 12 at 10:53pm
  • Well my tongue is double pierced and I have no tonsils and no gag reflexes so I'm pretty epic at giving head, maybe her bf thinks she's bad at giving head so she's using this other guy to practice on and it's a miracle that her blowie skills improved ???

    Submitted by dptscorpio113 on Jan 24, 13 at 5:53am
  • @Secondtrip\nYour a bitch. I realize you probably have heard it alot but you are. Bros can get Blowskies whenever we want . Women should judge better

    Submitted by BrosambaBinLaden on Feb 6, 12 at 3:59am
  • its not cheating one bit! just a free sexual favor that one dosnt usually get or recieves from a "non-experanced" person

    Submitted by goosetastic on Feb 5, 12 at 1:33pm
    • I before e, EXCEPT after c...also, experanced? I hope that was not an honest attempt to spell experienced.

      Submitted by jtb245 on Feb 5, 12 at 6:02pm