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    Submitted by sharkslayer11 on Feb 3, 12 at 12:23am

    to the windowwwwwww, to the walllllllll!

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    Submitted by MustangMatte on Feb 3, 12 at 1:05am

    Keep it classy, <insert city here>

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    Submitted by woopigsooie on Feb 2, 12 at 7:02pm

    morning wood springs eternal

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    Submitted by hsm531 on Feb 3, 12 at 1:14am

    There is no arrow to the knee joke you dumb ass that was back in November. It's from a game called Skyrim. Try Google next time.

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      Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Feb 3, 12 at 4:48am

      Dude, she asked a question. She didn't skin yer dog with a dull screw driver. Chill down a little.

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      Submitted by GA_Peach on Feb 3, 12 at 5:02pm

      Thank you Snidely, it's been mentioned on here several times lately and on game informer. I tried Google and urban dictionary and never got the answer I wanted.

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        Submitted by SammyiAmmy on Feb 4, 12 at 9:40pm

        I doubt you googled it, I just tested it myself and knowyourmeme had the answer as the first result on google.

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    Submitted by GA_Peach on Feb 3, 12 at 12:37am

    Yeah, truck stop bathrooms don't pee on theirselves.

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    Submitted by cpt_obvious on Feb 3, 12 at 12:43am

    Sounds like someone I work with.

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    Submitted by GA_Peach on Feb 3, 12 at 12:39am

    Another unrelated note: What is this "arrow in the knee" joke?

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    Submitted by connorprice on Feb 2, 12 at 5:02pm organic!