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  • Anyone else first see that as a dad-and-son scenario?\n\nCause this guy did.

    Submitted by memphius on Jan 24, 12 at 6:21pm
    • Lmao...yup never occurred to me that OP could be female.

      Submitted by GA_Peach on Jan 24, 12 at 9:56pm
  • There are two potentialreasons for that...either you look a lot older than you are...or, you are the 4th teenager he's had in that restaurant thisxweek.

    Submitted by skeezer on Jan 24, 12 at 2:35pm
  • Say yes, and ask for a slice of pineapple he can eat....

    Submitted by rikie83 on Jan 24, 12 at 12:00pm
  • ah that's nice of them to offer.

    Submitted by WApple on Jan 24, 12 at 11:46am
  • Not the world, just your innocence.

    Submitted by porksword on Jan 24, 12 at 6:39pm
  • -banjo twang-

    Submitted by ghashlycrumbs on Jan 25, 12 at 6:24am
  • Oh god, I wonder what your dad was thinking.

    Submitted by HIGH_SPEED_DIRT on Jan 24, 12 at 2:18pm
  • Awkward!

    Submitted by grandmasboy on Jan 24, 12 at 1:44pm
  • They probably do that because there are a lot of older men who cheat on their wives with younger women, and they want discretion. Still though, nasty.

    Submitted by lysss56 on Jan 24, 12 at 5:43pm
  • Can't un-see this post- ewww

    Submitted by jprincess on Jan 29, 12 at 12:05pm
  • My boy toy is 22, I am 45, happens to us now and then, we usually really embarrass the waiter or manager that asked and get a free meal or something out of it.

    Submitted by Beachbum111 on Sep 13, 12 at 1:43pm