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  • Stop sleeping with zoidberg

    Submitted by Ritard on Jan 9, 12 at 10:36am
  • Really? I love anything to do with my nipples..? Hmph.

    Submitted by EversickChick on Jan 9, 12 at 7:24pm
    • a good nipple tease is to play on just the outside of the nipple just grazing it only randomly stroking it makes very sensitive for when the tongue comes to join in

      Submitted by nunubeest on Jan 10, 12 at 1:09am
  • He can't decide between a career in gynecology or a piercing artist. Personally, I'd go for gynecologist. They make more.

    Submitted by onlygayeskimo on Jan 9, 12 at 10:18am
  • On the plus side, you don't have to do your monthy breast exam.

    Submitted by ghashlycrumbs on Jan 9, 12 at 12:00pm
  • Give it a break Edward scissor hands!

    Submitted by mama_tried on Jan 9, 12 at 5:34pm
  • was his name daniel? i totally know this guy

    Submitted by naughtybody21 on Jan 10, 12 at 5:32am
  • Doctor vs. CRAB MAN: one man's internal struggle leaves his chances behind.

    Submitted by SauceQueen on Jan 10, 12 at 2:58am