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  • "Blowjob with teeth" is about the best you're going to get for residence hall mac-n-cheese

    Submitted by TubeSounding on Nov 30, 11 at 3:37pm
    • wow sex for vending machine grade food...what would she do for some Charles Jr I wonder

      Submitted by nunubeest on Nov 30, 11 at 10:23pm
  • Meal card swipes.

    Submitted by __kath on Nov 30, 11 at 3:22pm
  • she must be a business major!

    Submitted by hacker201 on Nov 30, 11 at 5:36pm
  • Your crack reads credit cards?

    Submitted by porksword on Nov 30, 11 at 5:26pm
  • Like hookers trade sex for money?

    Submitted by cpt_obvious on Nov 30, 11 at 5:10pm
  • I'm guessing this is from OU. Niether Kent State or OSU use "swipes" as their meal plans, and let's face it, we'd do anything for free food just to not walk up the damn hills of Athens.

    Submitted by BeccaMae on Dec 4, 11 at 4:04am
    • Hey dipshit do your research next time. Ohio state has swipes. Apparently you didn't know how to do research or even GOOGLE something so that's why you weren't smart enough to get in.

      Submitted by Megusta85 on Dec 15, 11 at 1:15am
  • Might as well just start taking cash. Ur a hooker

    Submitted by wellz99 on Nov 30, 11 at 4:11pm
  • Kent State

    Submitted by jony5co on Nov 30, 11 at 3:58pm
  • If you're willing to give sexual favors for cafeteria food I'm guessing free food is the last thing you need

    Submitted by Phys on Nov 30, 11 at 3:58pm
  • I bet she thinks it's somehow NOT being a prostitute. Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess.

    Submitted by WesPip on Nov 30, 11 at 4:39pm
  • What's a swipe?

    Submitted by JJdoggie on Nov 30, 11 at 4:52pm
  • still a hooker.

    Submitted by bigceaze on Dec 1, 11 at 3:29am
  • Ah reminds me of Freshman year at Ohio State. Smith Hall anyone?

    Submitted by football1 on Dec 3, 11 at 6:02pm
    • Yes!!! South campus! In Baker East this year! And yes they're GOLD on campus... But not to the level of being a prostitute...

      Submitted by Megusta85 on Dec 15, 11 at 1:16am
  • Why does everyone assume its a girl?

    Submitted by Teecup on Nov 30, 11 at 11:54pm
  • Meal swipes....OSU?

    Submitted by carissagilmore on Dec 1, 11 at 12:30am
  • I want to say this is from Akron U.

    Submitted by sammyxorae on May 9, 12 at 4:58pm
  • credit cards swipes i assume... girl is looking to get free shit and freshman are oh so grateful

    Submitted by keto06 on Nov 30, 11 at 3:22pm
  • Swipes??

    Submitted by abigaillee on Nov 30, 11 at 3:18pm
  • Acually im pretty sure it's probably Youngstown State. the girls here are pretty slutty.

    Submitted by TheWhizKid93 on Jan 31, 12 at 1:26pm