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  • There should be either an exclamation point or some positive emoticon at the end of this text.

    Submitted by thatpeskyguy on Nov 27, 11 at 2:14pm
  • Well, if both of you are attractive, and you keep it in your home, go ahead!

    Submitted by peachpie88 on Nov 27, 11 at 5:23pm
  • Naked weekends are awesome!

    Submitted by LuvvyBoo on Nov 28, 11 at 1:41am
  • Suggestion: if you serve bacon at brunch on weekends, use the microwave instead of frying it.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Nov 27, 11 at 6:05pm
    • IF you serve bacon? I thought serving bacon was like a commandment or something.

      Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Nov 27, 11 at 9:12pm
      • Moses....fuck all that shit you spent the last year chiseling down thy only commandment is serve bacon at breakfast... I am the alpha and the omega the beginning and the end the first and the last and I demand bacon bitches now go wander the desert till you find some

        Submitted by nunubeest on Nov 27, 11 at 9:43pm
  • What would make bacon better: if it were BEEF!!

    Submitted by 909Berdoo on Nov 27, 11 at 11:45pm
  • See Seinfeld. There is good naked, and bad naked.

    Submitted by Massive_Attack on Nov 28, 11 at 9:39am