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  • What, too fast? Chicks are always commenting in here that they like their vagina "ripped". Exaggeration or not, horrible term.

    Submitted by Massive_Attack on Nov 25, 11 at 5:24pm
  • I don't understand all the No votes but I guess maybe that's because I don't have a vagina.

    Submitted by grizzlewhisker on Nov 25, 11 at 2:32pm
  • Get on top and go at your own pace. Problem solved.

    Submitted by uchicago on Nov 26, 11 at 3:46pm
  • be thankful! sitting down is overrrated!

    Submitted by keto06 on Nov 25, 11 at 9:36am
  • You know you can say no right?

    Submitted by bluejasmine on Nov 26, 11 at 8:46am