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  • Illiterate doesn't mean they smell bad doug

    Submitted by ckephart on Nov 6, 11 at 12:30pm
  • No thay dont if there to stoopid too spel thay shoudnt git beejs. (If you didn't find anything wrong with the previous sentence, that means you.)

    Submitted by W_T_F on Nov 6, 11 at 11:07am
  • No, theres a huge difference between people who do and dont know the difference between your and you're. HUGE.

    Submitted by Downtownsbrown on Nov 7, 11 at 2:48am
  • Just think of it as a Charitable Donation

    Submitted by djskillzmusic on Nov 6, 11 at 10:35am
  • Blowies are not a right, they are a privilege, earned by passing grade 10.

    Submitted by Gordex on Nov 7, 11 at 5:49pm
  • Charlie Kelly always needs BJs

    Submitted by krhod on Nov 6, 11 at 11:53am
  • Janned. Fail.

    Submitted by sofuckoffright on Nov 6, 11 at 5:34pm
  • HAHAHAAHAHA it was my post and NO im not that person. But Hes HELL of dumb. Im not doing it noe..

    Submitted by Erin94550 on Nov 10, 11 at 2:47am
  • Was this posted by danicgirl?

    Submitted by ITS_MEEEEE on Nov 7, 11 at 11:04pm
  • If they're old enough to get blowers than they're old enough to spell correctly.

    Submitted by janned on Nov 6, 11 at 2:20pm
  • They also need a bath...

    Submitted by dougmcdonald on Nov 6, 11 at 10:32am
  • Thinking like why is quite literally retarding the human gene pool. Standards bitch, raise them

    Submitted by 666daBEAST on Sep 11, 13 at 2:29pm