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  • And if a backhoe can't be found, there's nothing wrong with settling for just a hoe...

    Submitted by 8BitMegaMan on Nov 5, 11 at 6:22pm
  • I first read this as a racist comment, backhoe is way different.

    Submitted by porksword on Nov 5, 11 at 9:22pm
  • Is that a situation like that guy who made a tank and went on a rampage? I just feel like a backhoe and anyone on this site is just a bad idea.

    Submitted by janned on Nov 5, 11 at 6:00pm
  • I don't have to attempt. I work on a mine site. Need a Dozer capable of demolishing a house in 2 or 3 swipes? Got that. A giant backhoe to collect it all up? Got that. 90 ton haul truck to pack it all away? Got that. I love my job.

    Submitted by wubbazugg on Nov 5, 11 at 5:01pm
    • I'm going to get bashed anyway, my inner child needs to ask lol. When you are at work, demolishing things and what not, do you ever pretend to be a dinosaur?

      Submitted by GA_Peach on Nov 6, 11 at 3:16am
  • I got a back hoe and a dozer you can use! It's muh personal 'quipment!

    Submitted by lsimz4 on Nov 5, 11 at 8:24pm
  • Submissions like this really have to make you wonder, don't they?

    Submitted by mplan on Nov 6, 11 at 1:06am
  • Epic fail, just like your father's condom.

    Submitted by GA_Peach on Nov 6, 11 at 3:13am
    • How is this an epic fail. We were able to move it a good 50ft or so but it ran out of gas

      Submitted by gkaczmar1 on Nov 8, 11 at 6:13pm
  • Ah this is classic!

    Submitted by jltc on Nov 5, 11 at 4:28pm