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  • Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 30, 11 at 4:21pm

    At what point does someone screaming at you to chug your drink make it a bad idea to no go with it?...the reasoning doesn't matter, all about the alcohol.

    • Submitted by exosus on Oct 30, 11 at 6:25pm

      That's what I was gonna say. I'm betting you could go up to a group and say "I JUST GOT HERPES SO WE ALL HAVE TO CHUG" and they'd chug

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        Submitted by seanathon on Oct 30, 11 at 8:17pm

        I wouldn't eat that peach.

      • Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 30, 11 at 10:54pm

        Scream it exuberantly enough most would, some might step away lol...

  • Submitted by hacker201 on Oct 30, 11 at 6:45pm

    It's a good thing nobody recognizes Tony Homo when he isn't wearing his uniform!

  • Submitted by peachpie88 on Oct 31, 11 at 11:25am

    People believe anyone and do anything anybody says these days! But, still fun though!

  • Submitted by mattmac91 on Oct 30, 11 at 11:34pm

    Lol they got their asses to them by the shitty eagles

  • Submitted by absoKYLElutely on Oct 31, 11 at 5:19am


  • Submitted by ly0ntamer on Oct 30, 11 at 11:43pm

    I thought they were "Cowgirls"?

  • Submitted by inf4mous on Oct 30, 11 at 10:58pm

    6:45.. Hahahahaha funny shit! ;)

  • Submitted by Phys on Oct 31, 11 at 1:14am

    Well you had an easy job tonight since the Cowboys didn't have anything to cheer about

  • Submitted by ejy1989 on Oct 31, 11 at 3:30am

    this is full of win!!

  • Submitted by amitch17 on Nov 2, 11 at 11:38pm

    Ya I'd Rather not chug my drink because some drunk slut cheerleader told me to.

  • Submitted by TubeSounding on Oct 30, 11 at 10:44pm

    Were they literally random?

  • Submitted by bttrdenu on Oct 30, 11 at 7:49pm

    @hacker201, lmao, I thought I was the only one who called him Tony Homo.

    • Submitted by ghotipunx on Oct 31, 11 at 4:43pm

      Haha, yeah just you, him, and EVERYONE FUCKING ELSE!!!