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  • pinnacle express fan much

    Submitted by cardtitan on Oct 20, 11 at 2:58pm
    • is it weird my mind fixed it to pineapple for like the first 10 times i read it?

      Submitted by TotallyBro on Oct 20, 11 at 8:31pm
  • Have you ever been so mad...

    Submitted by arthurlux on Oct 20, 11 at 4:45pm
  • GA Peach =stupid cunt.

    Submitted by fatherfigure on Oct 20, 11 at 7:44pm
  • 24 Hour Cactus Emporium. Right next to Llama-Rama.

    Submitted by TubeSounding on Oct 21, 11 at 11:38am
  • TubeSounding is still my hero.

    Submitted by Jennamatic_3000 on Oct 22, 11 at 11:04am
  • Cactus-the up & coming weapon of choice.

    Submitted by LuvvyBoo on Oct 21, 11 at 12:46am
  • Garden store?

    Submitted by ramalam on Oct 20, 11 at 6:20pm
  • Soon to be banned by the FAA.

    Submitted by Mr_Flintstone on Oct 21, 11 at 7:41am
  • ...why was a cactus threatening?

    Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 20, 11 at 3:43pm
    • i have nothing against you, but i swear you post the worst shit. like really, trying getting hit with a cactus, and then tell me you wouldnt be threatened by one afterwards. and yes, you can buy cactii in pots, so they can be swung.

      Submitted by TotallyBro on Oct 20, 11 at 8:10pm
      • Lol, cactuses(sp?) are the only plant I dont kill. Still don't find them threatening. Worst case scenerio, a couple small stabs. But the plant itself wouldn't hold up to much when being used as a weapon.

        Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 21, 11 at 4:31am
        • Are you serious? You sound stupid, people die from falling into cactuses. Not saying its too common or this particular cactus is large enough but the pricks can do some real damage. Please look for a brain. Kthnxbai

          Submitted by suckIThoar on Oct 23, 11 at 9:21am
  • Father figure, you're really killing the ctrl c/v keys with how often you post the same crap.

    Submitted by sevran on Oct 22, 11 at 6:10am
  • This Peach bitch is retarded. People are killed from simple things like marshmellow, hair, pennies, and CACTI! Stupid fuck. \nBesides the whole point of the post was to make people laugh, not be analyze by a loser with no life.

    Submitted by ashl3ytaylor on Nov 1, 11 at 2:58pm
  • Quit judging and you find a mother fucking brain. People dont die from planted cacti. I bet more sharks kill people than cactusi. They aren't threatening.

    Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 24, 11 at 2:16am
  • People really have such less of a life to get on tfln and talk shit? Enjoy the stupidity that's what it is here for!

    Submitted by JDMFTW on Oct 21, 11 at 2:24am