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  • Submitted by badgerfan2010 on Oct 12, 11 at 2:31pm

    Pretty sure liver failure isn't funny in real life. Just saying.

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    Submitted by ReesesPoofs on Oct 12, 11 at 1:35pm

    That's because you black out from two beers

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    Submitted by alienmonster on Oct 12, 11 at 1:47pm

    Alcohol abuse texts are getting pretty old ppl seriously ... And sad , let's get original

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    Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 12, 11 at 3:29pm

    Yay Darwin! Don't add to the gene pool before you die.

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    Submitted by Topher_85 on Oct 13, 11 at 2:09pm

    The more you black out, the more prone you are to blacking out.

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    Submitted by gohogs518 on Oct 12, 11 at 8:13pm

    Cirrosis isn't cool you moron. Just do everyone a favor and jump off a bridge or something

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    Submitted by grapestomper815 on Oct 12, 11 at 2:20pm

    Yeah b/c who doesn't love being on dialysis... Real winner there!

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      Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 12, 11 at 3:28pm

      Listen to notadoctor, I'm pretty sure if you put yourself into liver failure you might turn yellow from jaundice and I think they can try something that starts with an "a" but otherwise you need a new liver and depending on what you tell your doctor they may not put you on the donor list. Then you would have to talk to your family about getting half of one if their livers...

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        Submitted by dreamcatcher on Oct 14, 11 at 7:41am

        Its all fun and games till you can't get a liver transplant.

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    Submitted by hsm531 on Oct 13, 11 at 12:21am

    I hope this asshole gets hit by the Coors Light silver bullet train.

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    Submitted by jcogs on Oct 14, 11 at 4:12am

    Agreed that these texts are getting old! Not funny at all!

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    Submitted by MD86 on Oct 16, 11 at 12:26am

    I know s/he's kidding about trying to destroy his liver, but just thinking that reeks of stupidity.

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    Submitted by Chucklez421 on Oct 12, 11 at 9:29pm

    Someone is determined to self destruct

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    Submitted by grapestomper815 on Oct 12, 11 at 2:47pm

    My bad!

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    Submitted by notadoctor on Oct 12, 11 at 2:35pm

    @2:20- dialysis is for kidney failure, dumbass.

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      Submitted by peachpie88 on Oct 12, 11 at 3:33pm

      Sometimes when your liver fails, your kidneys fail too...I've known someone whose liver problems caused them to get on dialysis.