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  • Submitted by fuuupa on Oct 10, 11 at 11:07pm

    In the house. Right by the beer cans and Dr. Suess.

  • Submitted by ReesesPoofs on Oct 10, 11 at 6:12pm

    At the newly constructed Disney World in Detroit

  • Submitted by wubbazugg on Oct 11, 11 at 12:21am

    In the right place. Get going.

  • Submitted by RoffMain on Oct 10, 11 at 3:42pm

    Welcome to Disney Detox. Get well soon.

  • Submitted by smiche516 on Oct 10, 11 at 6:37pm

    In disney world duh

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    Submitted by bee222 on Oct 11, 11 at 1:52am

    I don't know but I hope you dont want to leave

  • Submitted by scarab on Oct 10, 11 at 5:52pm


  • Submitted by lsimz4 on Oct 11, 11 at 2:51pm

    In Walt's worse nightmare

  • Submitted by marianasgirl on Oct 10, 11 at 10:13pm

    The happiest place on earth.

  • Submitted by MD86 on Oct 11, 11 at 11:59pm

    I imagine most people who dress as Mickey Mouse for whatever reason they have need a high blood/alcohol level to get through the day.

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    Submitted by boolou on May 24, 12 at 1:32am