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  • Submitted by tiffanylikespie on Oct 2, 11 at 3:29pm

    You got the real clap from the girl last night.

  • Submitted by kallimist on Oct 2, 11 at 8:21pm

    You sir, are a fucking asshat.

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      Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 8, 11 at 11:18pm

      Lol, props for using the word asshat. I think calling him a scummy whore isn't quite right but that's what I'm going with.

  • Submitted by bl0nd_m0ment on Oct 2, 11 at 3:44pm

    What a douche lord

  • Submitted by imjustinkay on Oct 2, 11 at 7:15pm

    what a whore (you, I mean)

  • Submitted by Nero905 on Oct 2, 11 at 8:57pm

    Where's the girl that comments:"You all think it's cool if it's a guy."?

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    Submitted by his_noble_steed on Oct 3, 11 at 2:23am

    Timing my friend is every thing

  • Submitted by maklanos on Oct 2, 11 at 3:44pm

    I comend your epic fail!

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    Submitted by tshill420 on Oct 3, 11 at 4:35pm

    fuck that your neighbors my hero jus cause he tried to get a slow clap going

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    Submitted by AWB on Oct 4, 11 at 12:35am

    Lol ur neighbors are cool cause that's funny shit

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    Submitted by JFIEND on Oct 3, 11 at 5:50am

    what a total douche nozzle

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    Submitted by TamiTaylor on Oct 3, 11 at 7:11am

    Enough with the Houston whores already

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    Submitted by Artisan_Devil on Oct 3, 11 at 4:04am

    Sounds like this should be on FML instead

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    Submitted by chinballwizard on Oct 2, 11 at 6:00pm

    Wish I was there too funny

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    Submitted by jcbaby24 on Oct 4, 11 at 2:30pm


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    Submitted by TheMoreYouKnow on Oct 3, 11 at 1:43am

    Don't see a text from Houston on here, but why are there so many whores in Houston?

  • Submitted by angacid on Oct 3, 11 at 8:24am

    Idk why you're all heaping shit on just the OP. the way i read it his girl was drivin up after her own night of exploits, thus the slow clap from the neighbors and not a furious twatstorm from his girlfriend.

  • Submitted by pilotenrique on Oct 2, 11 at 11:30pm

    It's from San Antonio. Go figure

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    Submitted by pinky22 on Oct 3, 11 at 1:40pm

    Oh that's real cute.