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  • Submitted by porksword on Sep 29, 11 at 1:38pm

    Vaginas are awesome, cute little lips, maybe a small landing strip.....except for post sex, then they look like Ron Reagan's neck or a bulldog that ate a jar of mayo...

  • Submitted by shamrock2112 on Sep 29, 11 at 1:58pm

    At least an ugly baby could end up being Bill Gates. Your ugly vagina isnt eradicating polio anytime soon.

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      Submitted by murstang on Sep 29, 11 at 4:27pm

      it was a grand day when Bill Gates eradicated polio.

  • Submitted by wingchunfighter on Sep 29, 11 at 2:01pm

    I love vagina. You're so wrong.

  • Submitted by angiepangie1908 on Sep 29, 11 at 3:08pm

    omg I feel the exact same about my vagina, I am so glad I am a straight female and I go for penis!

  • Submitted by bttrdenu on Sep 29, 11 at 7:16pm

    Yo fuck you! Vaginas are the shit!

  • Submitted by bandkid27 on Sep 29, 11 at 5:44pm

    My dick inside will make it look prettier.

  • Submitted by Phys on Sep 29, 11 at 1:29pm

    I'm guessing this is a woman but it could also be a g ay guy

  • Submitted by MadF00L on Sep 30, 11 at 10:13am

    Bulldog with a jar of mayo! Never heard that one. Effing hilarious.

  • Submitted by poundtown78 on Sep 29, 11 at 11:11pm

    It just so happens that my kitty is purrrrrrrfect. I often take pictures of it and set it as my wallpaper.

  • Submitted by deckswife on Sep 29, 11 at 4:26pm

    you must have one ugly set of roast beef curtains then...what the hell is wrong with you?

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    Submitted by brightstar69 on Oct 4, 11 at 8:08am

    Vaginas are UGLY. That's why I'm a hetero female :-) \nCock rocks!

  • Submitted by onlygayeskimo on Sep 29, 11 at 3:44pm

    Nothing wrong with a vag. Just not my favorite thing to play in.

  • Submitted by JasonForReal on Oct 3, 11 at 8:59am

    self loathing, mufuckers. Lol

  • Submitted by tonedburrito0 on Oct 1, 11 at 3:34pm

    You must have a small dick.

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    Submitted by dangitslexi on Jul 21, 12 at 10:22pm

    Wow is this what girls with ugly vaginas have to live with? That sucks.

  • Submitted by AliButterfield on Sep 30, 11 at 4:43pm

    This person is my soulmate. I feel the exact same...

  • Submitted by Portcityliving on Sep 30, 11 at 10:53am

    Blue Waffles anyone?

  • Submitted by triple on Sep 29, 11 at 2:48pm

    Effin fags!!