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  • All of you saying what a horrible idea this is, when is the last time you read a good/responsible text on this website??

    Submitted by bkconn on Sep 26, 11 at 12:21pm
  • This has bad trip written all over it.

    Submitted by chadrag on Sep 26, 11 at 9:07am
  • Great idea: if you HATE the person you sent this text to!

    Submitted by girlsurfer on Sep 26, 11 at 9:09am
  • Yes, because mixing uppers and downers is always a fantastic idea. ... until you stop breathing. Darwinism?

    Submitted by badgerfan2010 on Sep 26, 11 at 10:54am
  • Not gonna lie, sounds like fun.

    Submitted by tastetherainbow on Sep 26, 11 at 5:36pm
  • Looks like I know what I'm doing next Friday night..

    Submitted by budd on Sep 26, 11 at 9:35am
  • Some of u guys should go nag about responsible conduct on a parent teacher website or some shit. Bud take 3 and watch fear and loathing in las Vegas!

    Submitted by middleclassdream on Sep 26, 11 at 6:17pm
  • Ambien the worst high ever!

    Submitted by Anthony1994 on Sep 26, 11 at 9:17am
  • Sounds like a trip sent by God. DO IT, MAN, DO IT.

    Submitted by ImFailTastic on Sep 26, 11 at 2:53pm
  • It's the worst high ever because you can't remember shit the next day haha

    Submitted by ChristyxBee on Sep 26, 11 at 12:28pm
  • And watch out for the human eating caterpillar

    Submitted by BigJWin89 on Sep 26, 11 at 9:59am
  • Bad Breakup?

    Submitted by acegersh on Sep 26, 11 at 9:09am
  • This sounds like the beginning of a serious case of the wonderfuls! :)

    Submitted by StoneEdge on Sep 26, 11 at 9:33am
  • If you do this don't be surprised when the next morning everyone is like "Hey! You're that dude on the roof in the clothes basket pretending to race Nascar!" Ambien is the shit.

    Submitted by ninjatwurdle on Nov 3, 11 at 8:29pm
  • Dude, it's the shit. Not the Alice and wonderland junk. Just the ambien and redbull. Do it.

    Submitted by lesbeehonest on Sep 26, 11 at 4:23pm
  • you need help

    Submitted by doglegs on Sep 26, 11 at 12:27pm
  • Because abusing prescription drugs is such a responsible thing to do.

    Submitted by YouCanDOit on Sep 26, 11 at 11:00am
    • I didn't know the responsibility police had jurisdiction here, I'm with middleclassdream Fear and loathing all the way!

      Submitted by SpecialK_5140 on Sep 26, 11 at 9:17pm
  • Make sure your heart doesn't explode. These are words of wisdom.

    Submitted by BrendanA on Sep 26, 11 at 2:32pm
  • Sounds like fun

    Submitted by themarine531 on Sep 26, 11 at 9:11pm