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  • Submitted by ollywilliams on Sep 22, 11 at 9:21am

    This is one for the best of all time texts

  • Submitted by pittgal228 on Sep 22, 11 at 9:26am

    I agree on why the donut, but that part is definitely what makes this text a win

  • Submitted by EatmeTwice on Sep 22, 11 at 1:02pm

    Can I come sit outside your window to get donuts? I love donuts...

  • Submitted by kin_in_in on Sep 22, 11 at 4:29pm

    Was it that chittery excited noise?

  • Submitted by Harper_99 on Oct 7, 11 at 4:22pm

    This one is amazing. It's my favorite on yet! Haha I love this story

  • Submitted by Jennamatic_3000 on Sep 22, 11 at 5:44pm

    Didn't you meet him at the bar?

  • Submitted by Xatu on Oct 16, 11 at 8:48pm

    I still can't believe he bought my act with the goat costume! I need to do this more often.

  • Submitted by britbritbomb on Sep 22, 11 at 12:55pm

    Only in WV lmao

  • Submitted by ollywilliams on Sep 22, 11 at 9:17am

    FIRST! Haha no I don't do that, but really? A goat? And why did you give it a doughnut?

  • Submitted by phatmadge on Sep 23, 11 at 5:14am

    The EXACT same thing happened to me last week!

  • Submitted by newyorkGOD on Sep 22, 11 at 10:50pm

    I'm sure everyone wishes this miracle of life could happen to them

  • Submitted by crnbrdfrts on Sep 22, 11 at 7:56pm

    Beat the shit out of it and put it back on the truck. (if your confused, google the goat song by Adam sandler)

  • Submitted by JenOz75 on Sep 22, 11 at 4:42pm

    that's awesome!! I've been laughing about this one all afternoon.

  • Submitted by Jiggly1984 on Sep 25, 11 at 12:56am

    Wow, A text I actually laughed out loud at. That hasn't happened in awhile!

  • Submitted by NPH9384 on Oct 18, 11 at 1:17am

    West Virginia, Wild and Wonderful :)