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  • Submitted by princesspink on Sep 19, 11 at 3:53pm

    Ohh I wanna subscribe. Fuck ON

  • Submitted by ImFailTastic on Sep 19, 11 at 11:35am

    Depends. How much does said subscription cost?

  • Submitted by BrendanA on Sep 19, 11 at 6:35pm

    You have been successfully unsubscribed from my sexual solicitation list! And successfully subscribed to my incoherent misogynist rage list.

  • Submitted by Collity on Sep 19, 11 at 2:01pm

    Keeping it classy Oakland.

  • Submitted by hiddenmasochism1 on Oct 15, 11 at 6:52pm

    What's the link?

  • Submitted by Survey_Says on Sep 20, 11 at 10:28am

    Proof of consent: Check

  • Submitted by TheMxXx on Sep 19, 11 at 8:55pm

    Ha ... I know some people who need to copy

  • Submitted by Portcityliving on Sep 19, 11 at 9:46pm

    Fuck off

  • Submitted by Afite075 on Sep 19, 11 at 12:07pm


  • Submitted by ram74254 on Sep 20, 11 at 11:52pm

    Wow for michigan