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  • Submitted by Phys on Sep 7, 11 at 9:13pm

    Man up and drink it straight next time

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    Submitted by Brennan856 on Sep 7, 11 at 8:07pm

    That mixer was probably worth some money on eBay

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      Submitted by imcomingatyoubro on Sep 8, 11 at 12:32am

      It depends.. There are certain things you look for like the serial #,If it is the Red and White Diamond label it will be worth $100 or more. If it is not that style, it will be worth less 5-10 dollars at the very most.

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        Submitted by Deebo5050 on Sep 8, 11 at 2:39am

        Its like TFLN and Pawn Stars all rolled into one.

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          Submitted by ghostduece on Sep 9, 11 at 1:51am

          Why can we not thumbs up replies? This was brilliant.

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    Submitted by hatersgonhate on Sep 7, 11 at 6:20pm

    HA! You needed a mixer. I hope ur still alive cuz it would be horrible to die a bitch!!

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    Submitted by ghostduece on Sep 7, 11 at 6:00pm

    Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stranger.

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    Submitted by kin_in_in on Sep 7, 11 at 4:27pm

    No worries, that stuff lasts forever.

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    Submitted by jd5293 on Sep 7, 11 at 6:51pm

    You gotta do what you gotta do

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    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Sep 8, 11 at 2:41am

    You either drank New Coke (yuck), or you were lucky enough to get Classic Coke made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup (yum).

  • Submitted by thatgirlsarah on Sep 7, 11 at 6:46pm

    Its like a fine wine. It only gets better with age.

  • Submitted by Don_Pene on Sep 7, 11 at 8:13pm

    Rest easy, the 25 year old Chinese pee-pee will keep it safe.

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    Submitted by cannabislecter on May 7, 12 at 10:42pm

    Drank a Budweiser so old the case had rotted away from the bottles in a neighbors basement. Also smoked some headies and gave myself what turned out to be a minor concussion on a Pogo stick we found. Can't give you a clear result in other words.