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    Submitted by wingchinfighter on Aug 4, 11 at 2:33pm

    How to die like a pirate...a stupid pirate

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    Submitted by BrendanA on Aug 4, 11 at 5:42pm

    Hooke and Newton actually tried this on dogs. (The dogs a hundred percent died.)

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    Submitted by mz_baer on Aug 15, 11 at 1:53pm

    sarcasm is definitely is a misunderstood art. i LOVE this. HA!

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    Submitted by staticfuzz on Aug 7, 11 at 12:14am

    Hypothetically = stupid question\n\nFact = your a tool shed\n\nFyl

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    Submitted by ThatsMyAss on Aug 5, 11 at 3:32am

    body drunk = dead

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    Submitted by Skittlehunter on Aug 5, 11 at 2:21am

    You COULD get some in there, probably, and get a buzz, but without your stomach and liver evenly filtering and distributing the alcohol, you're going to get a hell of a shock when any amount of pure alcohol hits your heart or brain. Try it and text the results!

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    Submitted by parsons41286 on Aug 4, 11 at 8:49pm

    There's actually a fluid that's essentially digested alcohol that's safe to infuse intravenously. Chances are you won't be able to get your hands on it before you try the Bacardi stunt, though

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    Submitted by Michguy on Aug 5, 11 at 7:41am

    That's a set of genes that needs to come to an end.

  • Submitted by purplenugs on Aug 4, 11 at 9:52pm

    ive had friend shoot beer, wine and rum into their arms with diabetic needles, they said it was just alot more body drunk instead of mind drunk