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  • Submitted by DaEvilGenius on Jun 30, 11 at 2:41pm

    And she wonders why you wanna be friends again? .. Silly girls

  • Submitted by sdpq1 on Jul 1, 11 at 8:31pm

    What are friends for?

  • Submitted by BallsMcLong on Jun 30, 11 at 1:14pm

    mother fukin first bithes...haha

  • Submitted by AreYouShittinMe on Jun 30, 11 at 7:41pm

    If the OP was a chick, that would be hot! Otherwise, big deal, that's what FWBs are all about.

  • Submitted by xandrasm on Jun 30, 11 at 6:59pm

    Boys and girls don't do friendship. They just do friends.