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  • Submitted by Griffmaster01 on Jun 4, 11 at 11:46am

    Quality guys won't treat you like a piece of shit.

  • Submitted by EMTPirate on Jun 4, 11 at 5:55pm

    They are straight, you are just ugly.

  • Submitted by Xantor on Jun 4, 11 at 9:46am

    Yes... Yes it is.

  • Submitted by bandkid27 on Jun 4, 11 at 7:35pm

    At least she's honest...

  • Submitted by burner21 on Jun 4, 11 at 11:42am

    Who the frack voted this DOWN?!?

  • Submitted by NinaRawz on Jun 5, 11 at 12:42am

    Treat them like a pile of shit

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    Submitted by JimHalpert on Jun 5, 11 at 6:11am

    In DC??? If you have boobs, you can find hot men to treat you like shit. Try barhopping outside Dupont Circle.

  • Submitted by swtsxy15 on Jun 8, 11 at 1:46pm

    She must live in California. Lol.

  • Submitted by nvagboi on Jun 5, 11 at 2:29am

    oh DC! So, so true. I mean, you can't even count on the politicians there anymore....

  • Submitted by belen on Jun 4, 11 at 2:20pm

    Holler at me! I'll do u right lol

  • Submitted by Cont8gi0us on Jun 4, 11 at 4:21pm

    go from the 202 to the 215

  • Submitted by Mordred47 on Jun 4, 11 at 10:11am

    Baby I'd be more than happy to restore your faith in men.

  • Submitted by titandusk on Jun 4, 11 at 12:28pm

    Which city? Got flight benefits! Will do you dirty!