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  • Submitted by haliganbar on Jun 2, 11 at 10:57am

    Gives new meaning to the phrase 'coming to America. '

  • Submitted by Yeep on Jun 2, 11 at 11:49am

    America fuck yeah

  • Submitted by midnightCereal on Jun 2, 11 at 1:03pm

    This is the most patriotic thing I have ever heard.

  • Submitted by BigCrank on Jun 2, 11 at 11:47am

    Grandpa is in heaven, smiling and looking down on you as he plays with himself.

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      Submitted by EMTPirate on Jun 2, 11 at 11:52am

      Grampa likes to watch.

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    Submitted by wessum on Jun 2, 11 at 10:35am


  • Submitted by pichu180 on Jun 2, 11 at 12:43pm

    I bet he got some there too.

  • Submitted by showMEdemTITTAYS on Jun 3, 11 at 12:11am

    I'm sure that's exactly what grandpa envisioned when he came to this great country

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    Submitted by mauw on Jun 3, 11 at 12:14am

    Epic thought process

  • Submitted by BarryDingle on Jun 2, 11 at 10:51am

    nice way to commemorate grandpa's courage and your family's new start in America.

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    Submitted by SserPrun95 on Jun 6, 11 at 2:09pm

    Grandpa Blaszkiewicz came to America with a dream, a dream that one day his grandson would be able to recieve a blowjob without fear of communist reprisals and repression. *sob* brings a tear to my eyes.

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    Submitted by ojg15 on Jun 3, 11 at 4:36pm

    Your great-grandma was named America?

  • Submitted by kicksave1980 on Jun 2, 11 at 5:54pm

    The old man was smiling down on you with a tear of pride in his eye

  • Submitted by name187 on Jun 5, 11 at 10:53pm

    he wanted in too

  • Submitted by ringo420 on Jun 2, 11 at 7:02pm

    the only thing that couldve made this better is if he added "while listening to the National Anthem"

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    Submitted by photorobert on Apr 26, 12 at 1:26am

    I'm very inspired to hear that