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  • Submitted by Vulpus on May 13, 11 at 3:17pm

    You will however, have to pay for an additional semester of tuition. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that probably costs more than the books.

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    Submitted by EMTPirate on May 13, 11 at 3:59pm

    Thanks for making the job market easier for me.

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    Submitted by Michguy on May 13, 11 at 5:40pm

    Wait until they change books on you. Fail again.

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    Submitted by colan08 on May 13, 11 at 3:21pm

    I was gonna comment with just, "Win!" but then vulpus put everything into perspective.

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    Submitted by castrodela on May 13, 11 at 6:43pm

    Ur so fuckin dumb

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    Submitted by mehalo50 on May 13, 11 at 3:49pm

    Congrats dumb ass.

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    Submitted by duckdown on May 13, 11 at 4:04pm

    valpus, op parents pay tuition so op doesnt worry about that

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      Submitted by Vulpus on May 13, 11 at 4:29pm

      Its vUlpus (seriously dude, its written right there), and the parents probably pay for the books too.

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      Submitted by joe_jr_shabadoo on May 13, 11 at 9:55pm

      That may just change.

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    Submitted by cceecc on May 15, 11 at 11:28pm

    I don't think you have to pay to line up outside the unemployment offices either, lol jk take a shot for me!!

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    Submitted by firstfirst on May 13, 11 at 3:10pm


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    Submitted by haliganbar on May 13, 11 at 4:29pm

    Your drinking is what caused you to fail in the first place. Maybe you need AA?

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    Submitted by PattyOFurniture on May 14, 11 at 2:01pm

    5000 points to vulpus.

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    Submitted by sergieaux on May 13, 11 at 3:36pm

    that's also if you get the same teacher. others will have you buy a different book.

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on May 13, 11 at 5:52pm

    OP should have his ass kicked on the street for a year working to see what the real world is like, then have him go back to school. I'll be a year behind his friends and hopefully more incentive to hit the books. Worked for my cousin.