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    Submitted by triforfun38117 on Apr 29, 11 at 8:12pm

    I can hear it now "I'll have two eggs, two pancakes with syrup, and a lap dance from a stripper without bullet wound scars and a c-section. What do you mean you don't have?"

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on Apr 28, 11 at 6:14pm

    Mimosas and tits, the breakfast of champions!

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    Submitted by enormoustard on Apr 28, 11 at 4:42pm

    Also my favorite part of this is that it's a Friday breakfast... not Saturday or Sunday when most people might legitimately be off work. I love this post!

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    Submitted by dumsumbitch on Apr 29, 11 at 2:07am

    Who says "no"?

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    Submitted by locoprincess08 on Apr 29, 11 at 12:41am

    I think this sounds awesome and I'm a girl.

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      Submitted by FactChecker on Apr 29, 11 at 10:32am

      You're saying that most other women wouldn't want to do this??

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    Submitted by enormoustard on Apr 28, 11 at 4:38pm

    Fancy, strip-club, and breakfast are all mutually exclusive... unless your idea of classy is someone at the breakfast table asking, "Can you pass the Hep. C, please?"

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    Submitted by dat_azz_69 on Apr 29, 11 at 9:51am

    be prepared to buy me 7 lap dances

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    Submitted by AshipherSmithers on Apr 29, 11 at 12:51am

    @cfraymarc yesssss! I wantiiiitttttt. Lol

  • Submitted by polacke on Apr 28, 11 at 3:41pm

    be prepared to be rejected, and be prepared to possibly die alone and unhappy.