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  • coke in a camelback, bad idea, fizzes up expands, and ends up squirting (like your mum)

    Submitted by EMcCoollio on Apr 13, 11 at 2:01pm
  • Coke and jack don't seem to agree with me...

    Submitted by bee222 on Apr 13, 11 at 11:15pm
  • Sounds like a good time, but I've never seen a "formalwear" style Camelbak

    Submitted by Artisan_Devil on Apr 13, 11 at 1:41pm
  • Camelbaks filled with any alcohol is proper attire. Reminds me of the Tucker Max hockey game story.

    Submitted by Quiltron3000 on Apr 13, 11 at 1:49pm
  • Of coarse it is

    Submitted by dirtdivet on Apr 13, 11 at 2:04pm
  • Camelbacks and carbonated beverages don't mix well...if you run, it will explode!

    Submitted by skeezer on Apr 14, 11 at 6:45am