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  • Wow you're a jackass. First the poor guy had to come from another country to help his family now you make him more miserable.

    Submitted by Eag1e92 on Mar 3, 11 at 2:22pm
  • eag... you're assuming he was from another country? err, racist stereotyping much? anyway.... lame txt is lame.

    Submitted by bracko on Mar 3, 11 at 4:20pm
  • Bracko... I think that was the point of eag's comment

    Submitted by NPH9384 on Mar 3, 11 at 5:40pm
  • If you guys thing all these texts are lame, then quit fucking reading them.

    Submitted by lilgraycie on Mar 6, 11 at 10:54am
  • Fake. It IS his cabby

    Submitted by StrayWolf on Mar 3, 11 at 5:29pm
  • Manlaw sucks he says everything is fake cuz he has no life or funny stories to tell!

    Submitted by mzpndq on Mar 3, 11 at 7:17pm
  • Lame.

    Submitted by ThizzGOBLIN on Mar 3, 11 at 2:19pm
  • This is obviously fake, everyone is courteous to cab drivers!

    Submitted by manlaw6 on Mar 3, 11 at 2:59pm
  • because SOMEONE had to walk into the bathroom…drop their pants…turn around…maybe spread their butt cheeks apart with their hands…and squeeze out a chocolate hot dog.

    Submitted by RodFarva on Mar 4, 11 at 2:17am
  • @manlaw6 well obvs not if you're drunk, high, or both

    Submitted by aliiciaa318 on Mar 3, 11 at 3:24pm