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  • Submitted by FartsAtWork on Feb 24, 11 at 9:59am

    Maybe. Some ice. Would serve. Him better.

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      Submitted by iluvmy65 on Feb 24, 11 at 11:30pm

      ice for a severed finger would work better duct tape should be saved for severed limbs and gun shot wounds.

  • Submitted by darkknight9 on Feb 24, 11 at 10:13am

    Is this the kid from Malcom in the Middle who pauses after every word?

  • Submitted by shotmasterd on Feb 24, 11 at 8:58pm

    A for fraudulent hilariousness

  • Submitted by babot6 on Feb 24, 11 at 10:23am

    Probably fingered a sharks vagina

  • Submitted by LoveDumpster on Feb 24, 11 at 10:44am

    Duct tape fixes EVERYTHING.

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    Submitted by dat_azz_69 on Feb 24, 11 at 2:45pm

    did you ask him for an inhaler?

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    Submitted by dfoxx on Feb 24, 11 at 11:26am


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    Submitted by mogmog on Feb 25, 11 at 5:56am

    Well what finger was it? If it was his left ring finger you've saved him a life of servitude. If it was a thumb, then he's just playing life on hard mode. Hardcore mode would be without both thumbs.

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    Submitted by noble_sunny on Feb 24, 11 at 12:32pm

    I say. This is too. Obviously fake. That it's. Not even. Fuckin funny.

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    Submitted by janelleeeee on Mar 2, 11 at 6:36pm

    That's fucking stupid the bitch so of lost his whole fucin hand

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    Submitted by whiterabbit920 on Feb 24, 11 at 9:18pm


  • Submitted by xandrasm on Feb 25, 11 at 1:19am

    Get off the phone and help the dude. And no, not with tape

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    Submitted by dash_coexist on Mar 29, 12 at 4:16pm

    Take some tylonol and you'll be fine.