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    Submitted by bobo90 on Feb 17, 11 at 3:12pm

    Or a sign that she rides horses. Dumbass.

  • 77 48
    Submitted by steeldude on Feb 17, 11 at 11:47pm

    this level of stupid is depressing

  • 76 55
    Submitted by CowgirlJax on Feb 17, 11 at 7:33pm

    Or, even more unlikely, maybe she rides a horse! Oh my god, what a novel concept!

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    Submitted by skeezer on Feb 17, 11 at 12:07pm

    Snakes on the plain...

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    Submitted by sunshine1114 on Feb 17, 11 at 10:54pm

    I've showed up to parties right after rodeos (that I rode in) plenty of times with my spurs still on and I'm far from a skank. What an asshole.

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    Submitted by xandrasm on Feb 18, 11 at 3:03am

    Some of us riders know how to have clean fun and still look damn hot thank you very much.