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  • Submitted by steeldude on Feb 6, 11 at 11:17am

    yea they do if you say it its better if we don't do coke in the bathroom

  • Submitted by dumsumbitch on Feb 6, 11 at 2:10pm

    Do us all a favor next time and subscribe to the theory "if a little cocaine is good, then alot of cocaine has to be better". Tell your friends about this theory and have a ball.

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    Submitted by SovietMotherland on Feb 8, 11 at 8:43am

    In Soviet Russia, cocaine does you!

  • Submitted by jennarad on Feb 9, 11 at 3:49pm

    how about, "almost anything sounds better than doing lines of cocaine in the bathroom"?

  • Submitted by benjintheengine on Feb 6, 11 at 6:15pm

    or if you say doing lines of coke in the bathroom is ok but would be better doing them off a stripper

  • Submitted by Solemnsky on Feb 6, 11 at 12:51pm

    Unless it says "we better be doing lines of coke in the bathroom tonight"

  • Submitted by Figuratively on Feb 8, 11 at 7:03am

    Personally I must disagree. Coke is good enough on its own, and doing any kind of drugs in a bathroom is so delightfully cliche I can't help but love the idea.

  • Submitted by Lexy32089 on Feb 6, 11 at 12:36pm

    Yes it does if also includes "I was better at flexing my muscles then him."

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 6, 11 at 11:11am

    Coke taste helllla good.

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      Submitted by 5klp471 on Feb 7, 11 at 9:45pm

      This has to be from either 415 or a 125 mile radius of that area.