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  • Submitted by ttdh on Dec 9, 10 at 5:18pm

    I did that for mothers day and she came home cuz she knew what was goin on. She played one game of beer pong then kicked everyone out.

  • Submitted by anon33 on Dec 9, 10 at 11:07am

    Dumb. You should have just thrown the party at the hotel. That way you don't have to clean up.

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    Submitted by dartan on Dec 9, 10 at 12:51pm

    Here's a hint: they know what you are doing and just are not saying anything. You should love them for letting you throw a party. Also, dont fuck anything up too bad or let in sketchy randoms!

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    Submitted by soko on Dec 9, 10 at 11:45am


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    Submitted by GoodOlDave on Dec 11, 10 at 9:41am

    Ha ha your parents are smarter than you. They know full well what you're up to. They just want a place to get busy without their drunk kid being around.

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    Submitted by Reikage_Sanshi on Dec 10, 10 at 1:24am

    Well look at it this way, you got it out of the way and don't have to bother with Christmas gifts for them. Now you can focus it towards other gifts...

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    Submitted by MontanaWildhack on Dec 9, 10 at 4:22pm

    Hahahaha! You are a moron if you think they don't know! They figured a night out on your dime was the potential risk to their home. Why do you think they've packed up all the valuables?

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    Submitted by TheGoodTryers on Dec 12, 10 at 8:04pm

    Yeah, this is a fantastic idea. Noise won't be an issue and it's more accessible for all of your friends. Whoever wrote this is a genius.

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    Submitted by cceecc on Dec 10, 10 at 10:05pm

    Thanks for the idea

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      Submitted by ginger0996 on Dec 12, 10 at 3:06pm

      thats a really bad idea. why wouldnt you just use the hotel room instead.

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    Submitted by kgirl1992 on Jun 3, 12 at 2:02am

    That... Is.... EPIC!!! \n\nI would have never thought of that but it's a great way to get them out of the way, thinking your being mature and responsible, and not checking in on you

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    Submitted by kgirl1992 on Jun 3, 12 at 2:05am

    Oh and for thouse of you saying this is stupid use the hotel. Hotels call cops on underage parties, it's way more hassle for them then you are paying them for.