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  • You'd probably have enough to play 1 game of Mrs Pacman.

    Submitted by soko on Dec 3, 10 at 2:40pm
  • And rule number fuck on your own sheets or buy me new ones rule 5.... Fucking on your roommates bed is always subject to full disclosure unless it was with a family member of said roommate at which point you only tell his friends.

    Submitted by djdannyblanco on Dec 3, 10 at 1:08pm
  • Yeah...go central Indiana. Classy.

    Submitted by ljayebb04 on Dec 3, 10 at 2:16pm
  • @emmy probably because this persons bed is broke. Alright for self to sleep in; but not safe for hard fucking, unless to risk injury in broken bed.

    Submitted by Reikage_Sanshi on Dec 4, 10 at 1:20am
  • What a thoughtful douchebag. Friends or not they're are certain things you just don't share and a bed is one of them. No one fucks in my bed unless I'm involved.

    Submitted by tangerineballs on Dec 3, 10 at 1:10pm
  • Really thoughtful text :-)

    Submitted by SGT11B on Dec 3, 10 at 11:52pm
  • And if I had a dime for every time I've been fucking your sister while you think I'm on vacation, I'd have enough to buy my own goddamn sheets.

    Submitted by ttesroD on Dec 4, 10 at 3:39am
    • throw it to her on the the the sheets. Fuck the whales. Wait. I didn't mean it like that...

      Submitted by said8ED on Dec 4, 10 at 4:03am
  • how do you get laid so much when you have to use your friend's bed ?

    Submitted by emmykb on Dec 4, 10 at 12:30am
  • House sitting my boss's house long time ago, could not bring myself to fuck this escort on his bed, so used his teen age sons bed. Always felt bad about that

    Submitted by Beachbum111 on Sep 13, 12 at 1:56pm
  • Where the f*ck can you buy sheets for fifty cents?

    Submitted by said8ED on Dec 4, 10 at 3:24am