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  • Rick Scott can you please stop with this fired crap

    Submitted by whatnow on Nov 30, 10 at 3:29pm
    • Do not feed the troll. Ignore him and he will retreat under his bridge after awhile.

      Submitted by opalquean on Nov 30, 10 at 10:37pm
  • You idiots that keep replying to that b I t ch rickscott are the readon he keeps saying it. Common sense

    Submitted by jondime23 on Nov 30, 10 at 9:35pm
  • I think tht Rick_Scott is funny an if he's not and old guy he's probably hot

    Submitted by stargirl19980 on Nov 30, 10 at 9:37pm
  • I agree, your "fired" bullshit is really getting old

    Submitted by seniorsuave on Nov 30, 10 at 3:45pm
  • Stargirl I think you have some daddy issues or issues in the guys you pick. I wonder if pit on speaker phone counted as "present" in class for roll call...oh wait yah need to sign in. Is your friend good at forging your signature????

    Submitted by Reikage_Sanshi on Dec 1, 10 at 2:30am
  • I miss first year lol

    Submitted by Tweaker375 on Nov 30, 10 at 7:41pm
  • I've thought about doing this before!

    Submitted by loriann87 on Nov 30, 10 at 7:52pm
  • Lol, dedication. Everyone else is fired!

    Submitted by rick_scott on Nov 30, 10 at 2:18pm
  • This is done in Medical School a lot these days.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Dec 1, 10 at 3:32am
  • I think rick_scott is funny!

    Submitted by McHooch on Nov 30, 10 at 4:11pm